Aquí podrá encontrar las consultas realizadas sobre reglas bancarias de la ICC y Reglas Incoterms y las respuestas dadas hasta la fecha por los grupos de expertos en créditos documentarios y reglas Incoterms de ICC España.

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Consulta 1 – Modificación fecha de caducidad

CONSULTA 1  Banc Sabadell plantea la siguiente cuestión: From time to time we come across banks that intend to reinstate (once or even more than once ) an expired letter of credit by amending the expiry date and the amount. But, how can one modify something that no longer exist? We believe these practices amount to a disguised issuance and that can seriously weaken the position of the beneficiary. Therefore we would try to discourage the issuing bank and get a brand new letter of credit. However, we do not always succeed. We would appreciate your comments on this matter. La respuesta provisional de la Comisión Bancaria de CCI, indicaba : Where a letter of credit has expired, you are quite right in skating that it is effectively dead or completed. If an issuing Bank then issues an amendment which reinstates the validity of the L/C then is for the advising/confirming Bank to decide wether they will act on that message or refuse and insist upon the issuance of a new l/c. From my perspective, I would think that a beneficiary would be more comfortable in receiving an extension to an existing L/C than having to review a new one. By imposing a condition that the issuing bank issues a new L/C they could take that opportunity to correct or incorporate new conditions wich not included within the original advice. ANALISIS La respuesta de la Comisión bancaria  reconoce, tal como indica el consultante, que el crédito documentario una vez expirado, es ya inexistente. Sin embargo, deja abierta la posibilidad, por cuestiones meramente comerciales y prácticas, NO CONTEMPLADAS EN LAS...